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Back to School - Name Games

A new year, a  new wonderful mix of little people in your classroom!  As overwhelming as it is for students to arrive and figure out what is expected from them in their new preschool or new class.. it can also be daunting for teachers to land upon creative ideas that get them excited to start their teaching year!  We know that you want to make learning as fun, creative and engaging as possible... and Kinder Pop is going to lend a helping hand in your classroom.  Our Back to School series is for teaching inspiration and idea sharing. 

This post is a sharing of creative ways we can help our students familiarise themselves with reading and writing their own names and each others' names. When building literacy awareness, names are still the best place to start... And goodness knows how helpful it can be for the teacher who is right now doing their best to memorise every name!

9 Name Games and Songs for Circle Time That Never Fail


The Name Game


Textured Names


Playdough and Literacy



Learn your Name with Playdough and Pompoms


Spelling Our Names 


We hope you and your new classroom of names (oops, students!) have loads of fun with these!  



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