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Designing the perfect classroom. Part 2!

In PART ONE of our article on classroom organisation and setup, we looked at key considerations in setting up a Dramatic Play area, Writing or Literacy Centre, Art Centre or Atelier, Reading Corner and Individual Learning Stations.  We’d like to think we could inspire you so please take a look if you haven’t already!  In Part two we’ll explore the finer details of Classroom organisation..  We hope you enjoy these inspirations from practicing early childhood educators.  

  1. Storage and Organisation  

Baskets, baskets, baskets!  Or crates or pull out boxes..!  Even a small amount of resources can get spread everywhere in the early childhood classroom.  Order and organisation, put simply is having a ‘home’ for everything, which can be accessed (and tidied away) by you and your students.  We particularly love native woven baskets, made by Malaysian weavers.  And using natural materials in the classroom gives a sense of beauty and ‘story’ to objects that are always great to touch on in the preschool curriculum.

Open-ended materials and supplies housed in beautiful baskets from Fairy Dust Teaching


Beautiful, colourful Penan Women Foundation woven baskets for Kinder Pop


A lovely display above this classroom's storage system, with ample sized baskets that are simply and effectively labelled.

Tips on how to encourage your children to clean up their play resources from How We Montessori

  1.  File keeping and Communication Systems

Do you keep student portfolios and communication booklets with families? How about communication books with special support educators or care workers? A nice idea from Rainbows Within Reach

Using a dish drying rack to store individual files!

Perhaps you have broad themes determined at the beginning of the year.  Although we support emergent curriculum, which evolves with the interests of students pre-determined themes are an excellent basis for beginning the curriculu planning process. 

Or perhaps your will fill out your resources, notes and documents for distribution as the year progresses!

  1.  Computer Stations

ICT stations are now a key feature of the modern classroom.  Some schools prefer a set session for ICT in a separate computing room, but many ECE learning institutions do not have computers for each student.  Here is a tidy idea for creating a permanent or non-permanent station in the classroom from Teacher Tales.  

Small exercise balls which can be rolled out from under desks to create a computer station anywhere.  With laptops, a computer area does not have to be a permanent area in the room- a great tip from Buzzfeed's Parenting Tips! 

Or a very neat, labelled and permanent example from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Good luck with getting creative and implementing positive design changes in your classroom.  We hope your classroom evolves into a place of even greater harmony, organisation, and beauty!!

Best wishes, 

Kinder Pop

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