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Giraffe’s Can’t Dance - Free Online Storybook and Giraffe Puppet

The internet (also known as the absolute wormhole to time) is where we can find the answers to our project and curriculum dreams, but also where we can spend hours clicking through to disappointing links.  The pictures promise you creative inspiration.. But the link delivers you straight to a paypal payment page for an e-book purchase!

Here at Kinder Pop, we are eternally grateful that our little business can exist on the internet so that we can sell our early childhood education focused books and resources.  BUT, we also love the opportunity to share the fruits of our preschool teachers’ savvy eye for the best (i.e. free AND awesome) online resources.  We share our products and our ‘internet finds’ here in one ECE-friendly space (well, make that 2.. Our Facebook page is actually better at sharing!).  

So, this is our sharing of a great online story book and craft/puppet activity- and it’s awesome.  Although physical books have the most magic effect for drawing children in (and you can pace it to really suit your students’ needs), online stories also have a fantastic benefit.  The words can be animated to really jump out to match the reader’s voice, and there is no doubt that animation is a thing of magic.  You can play the story on your laptop with individual students and smaller groups, use a projector for a larger group or play it on your smart board, if you should be so lucky.  While you’re playing it, take the opportunity to observe your students and figure out if everyone is following along.  

This online story is based on the story book ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’ a book by Giles Andreae and is care of Scholastic Interactive.  

Play it here!:

‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’ is a classic story featuring Gerald the Giraffe who feels sad about his inability to dance as the day of the Jungle Dance arrives.  It has fun, rhyming prose and is suitable for ages 3 and up.  The animations are simply gorgeous, as the African animals dance in their individual styles, you will tap your feet and smile.  

This story presents an excellent opportunity to discuss feelings (“how would Gerald have felt when the animals all laughed at him?”); “What did he do when he felt sad at the Jungle Dance?”).  It is also the most wonderful opportunity to explore some different kinds of music and the different styles of dancing that suit these styles (slow gentle movement; quick jumping rhythms)... Which brings us to our Giraffe Puppet printable!  

For students 4+ and older (be careful with using split pins!)  this puppet could be used to accompany students exploring the different movements and rhythms of music- and be used as a fun prop when listening to the story a 2nd or third time! Download the puppet here!:





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