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Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn!

Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn!

RM 126.50

Dance, Turn, Hop Learn! is our most highly recommended Music, Movement and Dance curriculum book. Activities begin with descriptions of warm up exercises, creative movement explorations, motor skills practice, and follow on activities linked to other curriculum areas. Each activity description will guide you in teaching music and movement, provide ideas for music and props, will ignite children's imagination, and foster musical and physical development.

There are 36 comprehensive Activity themes including:
  • "Kites" (Group Kite Dance: Pass out colourful cloth or paper streamers, and prompt the children to pretend that these are their kite tails as they dance in the sky);
  • "Opposites" (2. Straight/Curvy: Can you make your body into a straight position, like uncooked spaghetti, and then a curvy one like wet noodles?); 
  • "My Garden" (1. Let's take a walk through a winding garden path! 2. Let's march like we are stomping in mud puddles! 3. Tiptoe through the raindrops!)

You will never be stuck for ideas, with this fantastic early childhood education resource... You will look forward to teaching music and dance with Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn!

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