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Young dinosaur lovers will love playing this prehistoric version of Bingo! This game features 48 dinosaurs, all of which are brought to life with stunning illustrations.

The box contains a beautiful masterboard for the chips to be placed on by the caller; 48 chips, each showing a different dinosaur; 8 game cards allowing up to 8 friends to play together; over 120 counters to be placed on the game cards; two bags - one for the counters and one for the chips; and a 16-page book. The book features both the rules of the game and profiles of all the different dinosaurs, from Amargasaurus to Velociraptor. Each profile includes a pronunciation guide (teachers you will need this!), a brief introduction and four facts about the dinosaur, covering everything from their diet and what period they lived in to their key features and what their name actually means.

Ages 5+

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