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Hidden Pictures - An Activity Zone Book

Hidden Pictures - An Activity Zone Book

RM 10.90

Cowabunga! Can you find the cat, the candle, the carrot, the chicken and other “c”s in the Cowabunga Island scene? There’s a hidden picture for each letter of the alphabet so that kids can practice and reinforce beginning letter sounds. And that’s not all. After the alphabet, there are more pages for kids to develop their visual sleuthing, eye-hand coordination, counting, and identification skills. From the Pumpkin Patch to the Campfire themes, kids will search for word pictures hidden on each page of this delightfully illustrated, fun-filled workbook.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
Perforated pages great for individual worksheets
Parent Guide inside front cover
More activities to share inside back cover
Perfect year-round learning tool at a great price

Skills: alphabet; eye-hand coordination; attention to detail; visual skills; identification; vocabulary; reading

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