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I Care: My Book of Environmental Awareness 1

I Care: My Book of Environmental Awareness 1

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I Care–My Book of Environmental Awareness is a series of five books for students in early primary school was developed along the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework 2005. It nurtures the curiosity of young learners and encourages them to explore the world around. The books have been prepared on the basis of the latest NCERT syllabus for Environmental Studies and also include topics listed in the NCERT syllabus for Environmental Education.

Building on the familiar experiences of the learners the books help them observe and understand nature and society while being a part of it. The inter-disciplinary approach of the series aims to provide a strong base for the study of social sciences and sciences at the secondary level. Key features
• Experiential approach to learning with exploratory and hands-on activities
• Local to global examples with cross-cultural references
• Stimulating project work to promote scientific enquiry
• Interactive tasks and exercises with guided discussions and group work
• Attractive design with child-friendly illustrations
• Additional teacher support material available at

UNIT 1 Family and friends
UNIT 2 Food
UNIT 3 Water
UNIT 4 Clothes
UNIT 5 Shelter
UNIT 6 Travel and communication
UNIT 7 Things we make and do
UNIT 8 Our world

Grades: K+

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