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I Explore: A Science Textbook Level 1

I Explore: A Science Textbook Level 1

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I Explore is an eight-level series of textbooks in science for early primary school students. As envisaged in the National Curriculum Framework (2005) guidelines these books have been designed to present science as a living body of knowledge where students are encouraged and guided to make exploratory forays of their own.

These books comprehensively deal with all the elementary aspects of science in a graded manner and help in forming basic ideas about nature and the immediate environment of a child.

Key features
• Thematic and activity-oriented approach in a graded manner makes learning comprehensive
• Simple and clear style of presentation makes the understanding of concepts easy
• Warm Up activities at the beginning of each chapter activate prior knowledge
• Now you know in-text exercises help in reinforcing concepts learnt before moving on to the next section
• In-text Activities and Project Ideas foster skills of investigation and experimentation
• Multiple sections with HOTS questions and activities encourage creative and analytical thinking
• Sample test papers at the end of each book help in self-assessment
• Do you know? section provides interesting supplementary scientific facts and information
• Points to Remember summarises the key points of a chapter and helps in quick recapitulation
• New Words section explains the meanings of difficult words and scientific terms
• Teacher's Manual includes an overview of lessons and additional sample test papers

Student's Book with CD-ROM also available

Unit 1 Our Surroundings
1. Living and Non-living Things
Unit 2 Plant Life
2. A Green World
3. Food from Plants
Unit 3 Animal Life
4. Animal Life
5. Food and Shelter for Animals
Unit 4 Human Body
6. My Body
7. Our Needs
8. Keeping Fit
9. Safety
10. Good Habits
Unit 5 Space and Environment
11. The World Around Us
12. We Need Air
13. We Need Water
14. Weather
15. Up in the Sky
Sample Test Papers
Test Paper I
Test Paper II

Grades: K+

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