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Look Inside Our World

Look Inside Our World

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This is a simply wonderous resource... children love it. Take a trip around the world in this fascinating lift-the-flap book. With over 80 flaps to lift, intrepid explorers can discover our world, from the layers that make up planet Earth to the tiniest insects in the rainforest and the creatures who live at the very bottom of the sea. Includes pages about the hottest and coldest parts of the world, and a map with lift-the-flap details about each continent.
A colourful and fun introduction to geography with internet links to find out more.

Click on the links to visit the recommended websites.

Websites to visit:
See images of planet Earth taken by a space satellite
Meet some animals that live in the rainforest
Watch fennec foxes in their burrow in a desert
See Emperor penguin chicks in the Antarctic winter
Watch an animated movie about oceans and ocean animals
When you have finished watching, choose a different movie about animals that live in forests or in jungles (rainforests.)
Find out where electricity and gas comes from
Click on "Start Where does energy come from? activitiy", or for another activity where you can find out about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, click on "Start Energy sources activity".

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