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One, Two, What Can I Do? : Dance and Music for the Whole Day

One, Two, What Can I Do? : Dance and Music for the Whole Day

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Creative dance is a great way to stimulate children's minds and muscles. With more than one hundred activities and two accompanying CDs of music this beautiful resource makes it easy to incorporate lively movement into your day. Each activity described in this book is an enjoyable way for children to engage in physical activity and establish lifelong healthy habits, which is especially important with children's increasingly sedentary lifestyles and rising childhood obesity rates.

This collection of movement activities, all reflecting common early childhood curriculum themes, enhances children's physical, social and emotional, kinaesthetic, and cognitive learning during greetings, transitions, circle time, large-motor skill development, and quiet-down and good-byes. There are even ideas for dance and music presentations for families and friends. No previous dance experience is needed—each age-appropriate movement activity includes step-by-step directions, sample scripts to help you guide children, modifications for children with special needs, and tips to maximise learning. All you need to do is start moving! So easy to use and so wonderful, engaging and fun for children.

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