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Pop for Sight Words Game

Pop for Sight Words Game

RM 59.00

Students will gobble up handfuls of fun as they recognise and read aloud sight words. Improves fluency as children pick word cards from the popcorn box, and keep all the words they can read correctly.

In the Classroom
Whether working with one student or grouping similarly literacy levelled students together, this is a highly engaging game. It consolidates literacy skills and is played at a friendly, competitive pace. Use the popcorn words in group times for quick games and a variety of literacy activities, for example:

  • Lay the words on the floor and choose a student to collect as many words beginning with the letter 'S' that they can in 10 seconds.
  • Have children come up and pick a word to read aloud and spell to the group
  • Play a memory game with students, displaying popcorn words and then turning them over to be recalled. Increase the number of words for a challenge.

Ages 5+ 

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