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Sight Word Fun

Sight Word Fun

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Sounding words out is just one piece of learning to read. Sight Word Fun contains simple, entertaining activities that will help your child understand the meaning of sight words and recognise differences in spelling. Sight words are not phonetic, which makes them more difficult to learn. For example, this, them, that, and there look much the same to a beginning reader. Most sight words, such as what, where, and when, can be learned only by reading practice. One activity is making new words from the ending letters of a sight word. Young learners can also say words then write them, find sound-alike words, spot words with other words in them, or finish words and sentences correctly. Our first grade workbooks offer plenty of ways to help your child memorize sight words.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
Parent Guide inside front cover
Activities to Share inside back cover
Sight Word List
Perforated pages make great individual worksheets
Certificate of Achievement

Skills: sight words; word recognition; spelling; writing practice; categorizing; differentiation; inference

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